Day Three: Creating our futures

On Day Three we will look at how we make tangible change for the future. We will consider the international landscape for cooperation and collaboration and how we - as an international community - play a key role in transforming, empowering and building inclusive and resilient communities; respond to rapid change and societal needs; provide mechanisms to address these changes and needs; overcome obstacles; and develop policies that enable us to imagine and create what is yet to come.

We will hear from leaders that model innovative, cohesive and diverse styles of leadership. We will also gain a deeper sense of the principles and practices associated with the use of creative thinking to inform action.

thursday 14 March 2019 (day three)


Introduction by Dr Ismail Abu Bakar (Malaysia)
Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia


(Re)Imagining Our Futures

This session brings together in conversation internationally acclaimed architect and philanthropist Hijjas Kasturi and award-winning author Tash Aw to share their perspectives the future of arts and culture in our societies.

Session format

In conversation


AR. Hijjas bin Kasturi AM (Malaysia)
Principal Director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn.

Tash Aw (Malaysia)


Anupama Sekhar (India / Singapore)
Director, Culture Department, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


Where next? The Arts and Culture Actors Shaping the Future

In this session, delegates will hear from leaders with very different remits who are shaping the future of arts and culture in their countries and regions. Panellists will draw on examples of innovative policy making, new models of investments and cross sector collaboration, to provide insight into the opportunities that arise from changing environments. They will also revisit key ideas that have emerged during the Summit, reflect on solutions to current obstacles, and discuss essential actions that will enable arts and culture to build sustainable futures.

Session format



Toni Attard (Malta)
Founder and Director of Culture Venture


George Gachara (Kenya)
Managing Partner, HEVA Fund LLP

Dr Lucina Jiménez (Mexico)
Director General, National Institute of the Arts (INBA)

Saba Khalid (Pakistan)
Founder and Chief Editor of Aurat Raaj

Stephen Wainwright (New Zealand)
Chief Executive, Creative New Zealand


Morning tea


All In: where next?

This final session will continue the conversation started in the morning panel session. It will be led by members of the International Programme Advisory Committee, who will summarise the issues that have emerged during the Summit, invite delegates to respond and discuss the actions that they think are essential and how we can maintain ongoing dialogue.

Session format

Open discussion


Toni Attard (Malta)
Founder and Director of Culture Venture

Magdalena Moreno Mujica (Chile / Australia)
Executive Director, International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies


Joy Mboya (Kenya)
Executive Director of The GoDown Arts Centre

Kathy Rowland (Singapore)
Managing Editor and Co-Founder of


Closing remarks


Closing Lunch

The Summit will close with lunch at KLPAC, during which we encourage delegates to continue the conversation, find peers with shared priorities, and begin making plans for action.